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Creating & curating drop-in container arrangements to add color and life to your outdoor space.



Designing and creating seasonal drop-in arrangements to add color life to your outdoor space.

Here's some of our favorites from Spring, Summer and Fall of 2021.  If you have a specific vision for an event, party or just because, we can plan and work from your Pinterest and inspiration photos.

summer white shade mix.jpegscreenshot_20210410-081049_instagram_16180628219848031-screenshot_20210410-081205_instagram_1618062602217tall%20summer%20mix.jpegspring%20mix_3.jpegspring%20mix_2.jpegsummer%20white%20shade%20mix.jpegsummer_tall.jpegtall%20plant%20stand.jpegtall%20summer%20planter.jpeg122_16258345329611212_16258370605601_162583423378720210331_184811_161741784247320210331192539112121_162583478505420210505_194643_1620438749987220210510_193707_162583390265020210918_120802


There's plenty more to see, but you'll have to wait until later this summer...

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